RPO Services & Practice Led Hiring

Tech Era IT Consulting along with Tech Minds Learning Services is uniquely placed to eliminate most of the current challenges listed above while offering tailored RPO solutions to our leading clients. 


Contract Staffing: Tech Era offers flexible staffing models in Technology Staffing – Contract Staffing, Contract to Hire and Train & Deploy models. While there are several staffing and IT Services firms in the market offering similar services our Differentiation and Value Add comes from our unique PRACTICE-LED-HIRING model, which is a SLA driven staffing service.


Our Practice-Led-Hiring service allows clients to fill the required positions in Technology Practice, Platform, Niche skill and in a Vertical Domain, in a fast and effective manner, saving time in the recruiting process.


Direct Hire: Tech Era also offers Executive Search, Head Hunting and Overseas Hiring services. Our value proposition comes from again our Practice-Led-Hiring model for Technology Centric roles and Business Aware Leadership hiring model for Sales, Business Development and Leadership hirings.


This model ensures better selection of candidates who perfectly match with the given Job Description of our clients and timely hiring. Our Executives are seasoned over two decades in hiring  top talent that not only meet the client’s requirements but also embraces the client’s vision and mission creating better employment synergies that empower and elevate the motivation on the new hires


Leveraging on our great network and database, we will run a discreet and confidential identifying the individuals with the right skills set and background. Before contacting the individual we will gather references on him/her, and then continue with a customized approach to gain the individual’s interest in the job description while keeping the identity of our client confidential. A series of tailored interviews assure that the candidate will fit our clients corporate culture, required experience and abilities and that is a good fit for the job


Our approach will assure a commitment and engagement from the candidate and a long-term placement for the client, which is reinforced in the clients guarantee policy.