Silk Test

  • Course Overview
  • Course Duration

Silk Test Training Pre-Requisites

Basic knowledge of scripting or structured programming

Knowledge about basic concepts related to load testing, Web architecture and protocols.

SILK Test Course Contents

Introduction to Automation Understanding the Basics

·         Introduction

·         Silk Test Architecture

·         Silk Test Capabilities

·         Silk Test Features and Functionality

·         Testing Process

·         Six Phases of Testing

Projects and Plans

·         Sample GMO Application

·         Layered approach to testing

·         Silk Test Projects

·         Project files

·         Project Explorer

·         Files Tab

·         Global Tab

·         Types of Test Plans

·         Test Plan Editor

·         Hierarchical Structure

·         Test Plan Creation

·         Manually Creating Test Plan

·         Pasting Test Plan from ASCII file

·         Using Attributes in Test Plan

·         Creating New Attribute

·         Associating attributes with Tests

·         Creating Master Plans

·         Creating and compiling a Master Plan

·         Working with Sub Plans

Capturing the Application

·         Silk Test Object Recognition

·         Basic Workflow Bar

·         Open Project

·         Enable Extensions

·         Set Recovery System

·         The Frame file

·         Record Test case

·         Run Test case

·         Test case Result file

·         Capturing States in Application

·         Default Base State

·         User Defined Base State 


  • Total 40  Hrs  Training Classes
  • Morning and Evening Sessions
  • Location: Courses are run in our Hyderabad training campus
  • Corporate Training and Online Courses Available
  • Live training sessions and live project

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