SAN Administration
1.VNX System Architecture
2.EMC PowerPath Operations
3.SAN Configurations, Fibre Channel Switch Environments
4.TCP/IP Networking
5.Implement Unisphere Security
6.Configure A VNX Storage System
7.Manage Host Access To Storage With Access Logix
8.Describe Common Host Integration Tasks And Concepts
9.Integrate A Windows Host With A VNX Block Storage System
10.Integrate A Linux Host With A VNX Block Storage System
11.Describe The Process To Integrate ESXi With A VNX Block Storage System
12.Implement Advanced Storage Features
13.Configure Even Monitor And Alerts
14.Configure Unisphere Analyzer
15.Describe VNX SnapView Principles
16.Deploy And Manage VNX SnapView Snapshots
17.Deploy And Manage VNX SnapView Clones

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