Rational Rose

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Course Contents

The Rose Model, Model Elements and Diagrams

basic concepts and configuration

the model – modeling elements and diagrams

creating and managing model elements

Use Case Diagrams

model-element specifications

actors, use cases and relationships

Interaction Diagrams

sequence diagrams

objects and messages

focus of control

interconnecting diagrams

collaboration diagrams

Class Diagrams

classes, operations and attributes

class relationships

understanding context

controlling class presentation format

editing operations and attributes

editing relationship navigavility and multiplicity

Activity and State chart Diagrams

Component Diagrams

Deployment Diagrams

Model Organization

Publishing a Model

Common Issues

Modeling Background



  • Total 40  Hrs  Training Classes
  • Morning and Evening Sessions
  • Location: Courses are run in our Hyderabad training campus
  • Corporate Training and Online Courses Available
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