Sales & Marketing Skills

  • Course Overview

·         Introduction to Marketing

What is marketing?

Why study Marketing?

Marketing’s impact on our daily lives

·         Basic Marketing Concepts

The Marketing Concept – Satisfying Your Customers’ Needs/Wants

Market Segmentation

Target Marketing

The 4 Ps of Marketing (Product, Price, Place, Promotion)

Segmentation in the car industry – online activity.

·         Marketing Research and Planning

Seven parts of a marketing plan.


Research is essential for all 4 Ps

Conducting marketing research

Analyzing marketing research – do you always act on results?

·         Product Development (4 Ps of Marketing)

Product design

Product positioning

Product life cycle

Branding, packaging, labeling

Extended product features – warranties

·         Retail Marketing

What is visual merchandising

Store fronts, store layouts, store interiors, and interior displays

Manipulating artistic elements in displays

·         Math for Retail Sales

Cash register operations

Types of sales transactions

Reducing credit card fraud

·         Selling

What is selling?

Knowing your product and your customer

Steps of a Sale

Approaching your customer

Getting to know your customer

Handling customer questions and objections

Closing the sale and following up

·         Promotion



Media types

Emerging media/Internet advertising – slicing and dicing customer base

·         Placement and Price

Price planning, strategies, and math

Channels of distribution

Physical distribution

Effects of e-commerce on distribution


Stock handling and inventory control – JIT,, same day delivery

Purchasing & distribution math. 


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