Oracle RAC DBA
About this course:
Real Application Cluster (RAC) is a component of the Oracle 9i database product that allows a database to be installed across multiple servers. According to Oracle, RAC's shared disk method of clustering databases: increases scalability because servers can easily be added or subtracted to meet current needs, lowers costs because companies don't have to buy high-end servers, and improves availability because if one server fails, another can assume its workload.

Grid Infrastructure Administration
Oracle Automatic Storage Management Administration
Working knowledge of Oracle Database 11g: Release 2 including Clusterware, ASM and RAC or
Clusterware Administration NEW
Oracle Database 12c: ASM Administration NEW
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1. Grid Infrastructure Overview and Review
2. RAC Databases Overview & Architecture
3. Installing and Configuring Oracle RAC
4. RAC Databases Overview & Architecture
5. RAC Backup and Recovery
6. RAC Global Resource Management and Cache Fusion
7. RAC Monitoring and Tuning
8. Managing High Availability of Services in a RAC Environment
9. Managing High Availability of Connections
10. Upgrading and Patching RAC
11. Application Continuity
12. Quality of Service Management
13. RAC One Node
14. Design for High Availability

30 Days
4 hrs per day
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